May Reign is a poet, author, and well traveled, Spoken Word artist from Miami, Florida. In 2011, she found herself single, facing the challenges of motherhood on her own. She had already developed a love for candles, and used them quite regularly in her meditation regimen. She was making candles as gifts for friends and family, when it dawned on her that this could be a way to make extra money. May Reign began more diligently researching the benefits of aroma therapy and how it could be beneficial. Before long, May became the go-to person for locals suffering from anxiety and sleep deprivation, depression, and mental fatigue. Although May Reign does not have a medical background, several repeat customers proclaim that her candles are an essential part of their meditation as well. In 2018, May Reign began creating other natural self care products to include body butter, body scrub, bath teas, and soap. As she continues to evolve as a creative, her story is a testament of empowerment for other women like her. May Reign named her company Moonflower because actual  moonflowers bloom in the darkness, she emphasizes that this company represents her ability to grow through her darkest times. Her brick and motar became a reality in 2022. It is the first black owned, LGBTQ owned candle bar in Miami Gardens.